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My goal is to help you train your dog in a positive and rewarding manner.  Training your dog to become a responsible, well behaved family member requires patience, compassion, commitment, and understanding of how dogs learn.  My training is based on positive reinforcement methods.


What is Positive reinforcement training?

Animal learning science tells us that behavior that is rewarded will be repeated and behaviors that have a negative consequence will be eliminated. With positive training, we increase the behaviors we want by rewarding the dog with things that he wants such as food, toys, or social interaction (play, praise, affection). We reduce unwanted behaviors by removing the opportunity for a reward (such as ignoring or withholding praise). This type of training encourages a relationship with your dog based on mutual trust, cooperation, and respect. Your dog will learn to obey you based on this bond not out of fear as used in punishment based training methods.


Clicker Training

Communicating to your dog that he is on track is an essential component of positive based training. I use the clicker as a primary marker of your dog's behavior.  Using a reward marker allows you to communicate to your dog that he has done the right thing. The clicker's effectiveness is based on the fact that it makes a unique, precise, fast and unemotional sound.  Your dog gets immediate and precise feedback. It is followed by the reinforcer which in early training will be mostly a small treat.



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